Memories of Angela Smith

Angela Smith

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Angela was an eternal teenager—just so magically young at heart


The Bible speaks of love being one of the most important things, and I would say that if anyone emulated the Lord's love freely and sacrificially, it would have to be Angela. She had that quality of loving the unlovely even when it was difficult, and... (read more)

She was in tune with people and their needs


Angela was one of the most loving and caring persons you could hope to meet. She was cheerful, giving, and everyone who met Angela loved her. She had such a sweet, giving nature, and was willing to do almost anything for another person, to better... (read more)

She put her whole heart into whatever she did


I've known Angela for more than 27 years—and I say "known" rather than "knew" because she isn't really gone. She's just on the other side of the veil that separates the world of the spirit from this one, and she's happier and freer than ever... (read more)

She had a wonderful quality of making others feel loved


I will miss Angela very much. She had a wonderful quality of making others feel loved. She was the type of person who didn’t have any barriers when it came to relating to others. No matter what their age or nationality, it seemed Angela found a way... (read more)

She was so faithful to pray for others


Angela is one of the most giving people I’ve met. She was always there to help when there was a needy situation, even to her own hurt. She had such a love for people and showed that love in so many ways—going out of her way to do things for them,... (read more)

Angela's greatest gift is her gift of helping others


I first met Angela in November of 1981. The last time I saw her was 2004. 23 years is a long time to get to know a person. I actually lived in the same Family Home as her for 14 years.... (read more)

My fondest memory

By Kathy F.

Angela and I lived together for many years and she was, and is, a dear friend. As all who know her can attest, she was a lively, bouncy, tender, loving, caring woman who loved people. She had a gift for ministering to and caring for others. That was... (read more)

She was the most giving person I have ever met


Angela was a dear friend of mine. When I think about Angela, the thing I remember the most was her big smile and her accepting attitude. Another thing about Angela was she was the most giving person I have ever met. She was not only giving of her... (read more)

Her exuberance for life and love


I have many fond memories of Angela's love and kindness, her exuberance for life and love. (read more)

Someone whose life on Earth touched thousands of lives


Angela is someone whom I considered a close personal friend. But in stopping to think about it, I think there are hundreds around the world who would say the same. There was just something about Angela that people loved. I was never quite sure what... (read more)

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