Memories of Angela Smith

Angela Smith

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We will so very much miss her presence


I've known Angela for over 21 years and I would say that she is one of the most giving people that I have ever known. She was always giving me useful things that I could use and be thankful for. I still have many of those items and am still using... (read more)

Angela was always a good teacher

Stephen (13)

Angela was always a good teacher. She tried hard to teach us science and math and also tried to find time to do the fun things with us, such as baking brownies and the like. She was patient and did her best. Sometimes when we tried her patience to... (read more)

If she saw a need, she simply filled it


I knew Angela off and on in many Family Homes from 1978 through 2004, and I would have to say that she is probably the most sacrificial person I have ever met, constantly going out of her way to see if she could help you or help whoever it was that... (read more)

She represented a picture of joy itself


Angela took me under her wing and made me feel loved and welcome and cared for. She seemed to be one of those girls running around doing all these little things, always trying to make people feel loved and happy. Her name at the time was "Joy"... (read more)

She was a faithful, trusted, and reliable person

From an admirer

I've known Angela and lived with her on and off for many years, and one of the things that impressed me most about her was her willingness to sacrifice and give to others to her own hurt, selflessly giving of herself, her service, her love, and... (read more)

She was the most loving, selfless person I've ever met


Angela was a saint. She was the most loving, selfless person I've ever met. I had the privilege of recently working closely with her, and though at times we had our differences, all that comes to mind now are the beautiful ways in which she lived... (read more)

She will always remain very close in heart and spirit


The first time I met Angela was at a weeklong meeting in Miami. I had just turned 18. The thing that impressed me the most about her was her cheerful, bubbly, and outgoing nature. She had the gift of lighting up a room when she entered and made... (read more)

You've made your mark on my life

A friend

When I think of Angela, I always remember her smiling. She was always smiling. She was always affectionate. She was always cheerful. She was always willing to help when you needed it. I knew her when I was a senior teen going through some of my most... (read more)

Her heart was always reaching out to anyone in need


I've known Angela in many different situations over the last 23 years. We've been close friends and came to have a deep trust in each other to be a support in difficult times. It became almost a standing joke between us to ask which one wanted to... (read more)

I know she prays for us


If I could sum up Angela in one word it would be "angel." There was nothing beneath her, and her giving put me to shame. It was a selfless giving too—sometimes I felt embarrassed because I could never return to her the same love and affection she... (read more)

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