Memories of Angela Smith

Angela Smith

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Her greatest gift was love


Angela was a dear friend of mine since 1989. She was a talented, dedicated, wonderful woman whose greatest gift was love. She truly cared about others. She would literally give you the shirt off her back, if she felt you needed it. She also was a... (read more)

I'm happy when I think of her now safe in our loving Jesus' arms


Angela was a truly unique person, so caring, giving, thoughtful, funny, affectionate, animated, spunky--always so full of life and vitality. She was so selfless and sacrificial in so many ways--one of those rare individuals who always seemed to... (read more)

Weren't we blessed?


Angela was one of the most caring and giving persons I came across. The only time that you had to wait to receive her help or she was slow to lend a hand was when she was already helping many others, and even then she always came to be the perfect... (read more)

One of those people who is going to get the biggest crowns in Heaven

S. Michael Mullen

I have fond memories of Angela. We lived in the same Home for several years, and while we didn't do a whole lot of things together--not as much as I would have hoped now that she's gone--she was the kind of person who always had a smile on her... (read more)

She added a breath of fresh air to everyday life


I came to know Angela via email years before I actually met her. It was work-related communications, but as anyone who knew Angela is well aware of, there's no such thing as having only a "work related" communication with her. Her notes were... (read more)

Her burden was to go to the Mideast as a missionary


I don't really know where to begin except to say that Angela was one of those rare saints that you find once in a lifetime. She was always concerned about others more than herself and would go out of her way to let you know she cared for you and... (read more)

She made it easy for us to be good


I never knew Angela that well, but I wish to God that I had known her better now. There are many memories I have in regards to the beautiful angel that I had the privilege of meeting. Angela always had a smile on her face; she was a vibrant explosion... (read more)

She made time for people

Mike Holland

I had the privilege of living next-door to Angela for a time. And while I am sure there are a lot of facets of her life and personality I never got to see, I do count myself privileged to have known her at least for a short time--even more so now,... (read more)

She thought of others before she thought of herself


I was 21 when I first met Angela. Her very friendly, bubbly, outgoing nature impressed me right away as she showed me to my bedroom and showed me how to use the shower, bidet (the first one I'd ever seen!), and then ran off to get me another type... (read more)

Everyone was her friend


The most outstanding thing about Angela was her outgoing love and concern for everyone she met, and the way she was a constant witness. Every person along the way, whether it was a cashier, a beggar, a worker at a place we shop, someone who helped... (read more)

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