Memories of Angela Smith

Angela Smith
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What I would have said had I had the opportunity to say something to her before she left us …


I first met Angela in 1986. She made me feel special. She gave life a magical boost of energy, and if the world knew more Angela's, it would be a happy planet. Her zest and zeal were genuine, sincere, and contagious.I have actually never met anyone... (read more)

Dedicated to Angela ... And to the flight we never took

Mike Holland (2005)

She wanted to fly again To lift off from earth one last time To taste the freedoms of wind and wing And leave petty problems behind.She wanted to fly again Just to be up in the blue I don't know if she ever got that wish But... (read more)

Until we meet again in Heaven


I’ve had the privilege of walking with many wonderful people on the path of life, many of them older than me. Every young person should have at least one mentor, a wise and compassionate person willing to share insights about life, and more... (read more)

I used to enjoy basking a little in the reflected joy she exuberated


Let me spend a few minutes to talk about my friend Angela. I had known her many years, but it was only in the last few that we had lived in the same house. Her bedroom was next to my wife's and mine. Sometimes I snore at night so I know that living... (read more)

Angela’s trademarks

Terry T

Angela was lovely, sweet, honest and open. No matter what, you could always trust Angela for a smile and a positive, happy approach to whatever was happening. She was a very dear friend, one who would cheer me up whenever I saw her, and who would... (read more)

A bright and beautiful ray of sunshine in my life


Angela was a bright and beautiful ray of sunshine in my life. She dedicated herself so totally to securing the joy and happiness of others that she often overlooked herself. Thoughtful and generous to a fault, there seemed to be no sacrifice of... (read more)

She was precious and pure and full of love


“Greater love hath no man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends.” I believe that this verse describes Angela very well. She had great love, and followed Christ's example, by living out her life in service to others, even to her... (read more)

She had a spark that was infectious


When I met Angela I was first attracted to her open, lively, and attractive personality. As I got to know her more I learned just how gifted she was at making others feel happy, comfortable, needed, and loved. That’s just the way she was. She... (read more)

She was a giver if I ever saw one


When I think about Angela, the word that stands out above all others is “giving.” She was a giver if I ever saw one—she lived to give. I didn’t get to know her extremely well, as when I first moved to the Family Home she was living in, she... (read more)

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