Memories of Angela Smith

What I would have said had I had the opportunity to say something to her before she left us …


I first met Angela in 1986. She made me feel special. She gave life a magical boost of energy, and if the world knew more Angela's, it would be a happy planet. Her zest and zeal were genuine, sincere, and contagious.

I have actually never met anyone like her before.

Her love for people and her outgoing concern for others was remarkable.

I am sad that we no longer have her with us.

A few years ago she wrote me a poem and sent it to me. I no longer have this poem, unfortunately, but she was so excited at the fact that she had pieced her thoughts together and made them rhyme. I could feel her excitement in her explanation about how the words came to her, and her description was as vibrant as her poem. That was her way, i.e. to be exhilarated and ecstatic about things. To add a bounce to your step, and to make you laugh along with her indescribable laugh.

If I had the opportunity to say something to her before she left us, I would have said:

"Thank you for showing me that life is meant to be enjoyed with a passion.
Thank you for giving so much of yourself in service for others.
Thank you for brightening so many lives with your love and genuine friendship.
Thank you for all the times we talked and laughed so hard our stomachs hurt.
Thank you for that infectious smile and that youthful spirit.
Thank you for being an unconditional friend.
I miss you, and I'm so sorry you had to leave us so soon.
I wish you were here, and I wish I had had the chance to say all these things to you, and I think I did have the opportunity to say some of these things, but I promise that if I feel these same things for anyone else I know, that I will do my best to vocalise more my true feelings and gratitude for people before they are gone."

I will always remember Angela as an example of a considerate and kind person. She had a gift for imparting happiness and her goofy jokes just had to be laughed at.

Angela cannot be replaced, as she was unique, original, innocent. A most precious person.

May we strive to be like her, and remember the impact she had on all those who had the privilege of knowing her.

I have no criticisms, nor negativity for such a one. She left me with a feeling of hope, of decency, and contributed a level of humanity that is in some ways unparalleled.

I am honored to have known her, and her memory will forever be treasured in the depths of my heart.

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