Memories of Angela Smith

Angela loved to make things better for others


Some people seem to go through life making things better for themselves, but Angela loved to make things better for others. If she could do something to make life more comfortable or happier for someone else, she did it. She never had many earthly possessions; she wasn’t into fashion or material things. Her life did not consist of the abundance of the things that she possessed, but was a testimony to everything she did for Jesus and others.

Every time I ever saw her she was smiling, even when I knew she was going through a tough time in her life. Every time I was in her presence, I felt like she didn’t just love me, but that she even liked me. I admired her spunk, her boldness, her vivacity and love of life!

She also had this gift for remembering little things about others that really made a difference. She’d remember the specifics of things I’d like to drink or eat, types of clothes I’d like to wear, and odd bits of information that most people wouldn’t take the time to remember—and then she’d do things for me that she knew I liked, or give me things she knew I would appreciate. She always thought of others more than herself.

I look at my life today and I think of how I would like to be remembered. I want to be remembered by my love, as Jesus was known by His love, and as Angela is remembered by her friends because she loved. It’s not those who take things for themselves that are remembered, but those who give to others—of themselves, of their time, of their things, of their love—just as Angela did.

Heaven is the place where someone special like Angela belongs.

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