Memories of Angela Smith

Dedicated to Angela ... And to the flight we never took

Mike Holland (2005)

She wanted to fly again
To lift off from earth one last time
To taste the freedoms of wind and wing
And leave petty problems behind.

She wanted to fly again
Just to be up in the blue
I don't know if she ever got that wish
But I know now her dream has come true

For the Great Pilot of her life
Has given her a new commission
Shes been promoted up from the ground crew
To fly like the angels of Heaven.

And she'll be there waiting to greet us
At the biggest fly-in of them all
When we gather on Heavens airfields
At the sound of the Great Pilot's call.

But for now, up in Heavens control tower
They're shouting and starting to sing
They have every reason to party,
An angel has gotten her wings.

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