Memories of Angela Smith

She made time for people

Mike Holland

I had the privilege of living next-door to Angela for a time. And while I am sure there are a lot of facets of her life and personality I never got to see, I do count myself privileged to have known her at least for a short time--even more so now, knowing that that opportunity will never present itself again, at least not on this earth.

It's hard to encapsulate the memory of a person whose life was so varied, who touched so many people in so many different ways. Our busy lives, running back and forth from one task and duty to another, don't afford us much more than short, random encounters with the people along our path.

And when one of those people--one of the many of whom I often think to myself, "some day I should sit down with that person for a few hours and just talk"--is suddenly gone, it makes me realize again what a great treasure each person is, and how much richer my life would be if I could just make time for people.

And if there is a single thought that encapsulates Angela's life, I think that would be it: She made time for people. She was always looking for a way to help others, to make life a little easier, a little more pleasant for the people around her. It was the kind of life that Heaven is known to call blessed. And that is my most comforting thought. I could not wish for her a more perfect reward to come Home to.

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