Memories of Angela Smith

Everyone was her friend


The most outstanding thing about Angela was her outgoing love and concern for everyone she met, and the way she was a constant witness. Every person along the way, whether it was a cashier, a beggar, a worker at a place we shop, someone who helped with directions, etc. just got shown so much personal love and care. Everyone was her friend, because she continually showed real, genuine care for everyone.

She also had a real gift for teaching and loving the kids, and connecting with them on an individual level—finding out about each one’s likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams. There’s a little boy I teach who loves science, and when she would take the kids one afternoon a week, afterwards they’d just be bursting with excitement at all the cool new things they had learned, projects they had done. She’d spend her personal money to buy fun things for their time together.

I hope and pray to become more selfless, concerned about others, and a much better witness and vessel of the Lord’s love to everyone I meet on a daily basis. I hope to have her as a spirit helper whenever she’s available to help with those things.

I’m happy she’s in Heaven now. She’s one of those people who just felt they could never do enough, and knowing she’s free to move, explore, experience and travel, makes me truly happy for her.

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