Memories of Angela Smith

She was a giver if I ever saw one


When I think about Angela, the word that stands out above all others is “giving.” She was a giver if I ever saw one—she lived to give. I didn’t get to know her extremely well, as when I first moved to the Family Home she was living in, she was there for just a few days before she moved on. After just those few days, though, pretty much every time I was in touch with her by email, or when I lived near her again years later, she was always offering me something. Even if you simply admired something she had, or was wearing, she’d immediately offer to give it to you.

When we lived in Portugal, there were some things that were hard to find there, like certain cosmetic products, certain sizes of bras etc., that were easier to get in the U.S., where Ange had moved to. She seemed to always be either offering to send or sending my way the little things that make a big difference. I still have a pair of high-end running shoes which Angela had bought for herself brand-new, but then ended up not using much. She was offering them around to different girls, and I was the one who they fit, so she gave them to me. I had to literally insist on giving her a little token gift for them.

That’s just the way she was—always—and it impressed me a great deal and made me want to be more giving, like she was.

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