Memories of Angela Smith

She made it easy for us to be good


I never knew Angela that well, but I wish to God that I had known her better now. There are many memories I have in regards to the beautiful angel that I had the privilege of meeting. Angela always had a smile on her face; she was a vibrant explosion of life and brought a smile to my face whenever I met her.

Angela was affectionate and regularly sought me out to give me hugs and wouldn't let me pass her by without hugging me. Her love was unconditional and spontaneous. She reminded me of a little child, always ready to make you happy with a smile and a laugh. One couldn't be around her without soon feeling loved and comfortable with her. In spite of the trials she faced, she always had a smile on her face, and I can't remember her sad once. I can still remember her buoyant walk, her short gray hair as it bounced around with her friendly nature. She was like a child who never grew up to become so engrossed in adult life that she forgot the joy of just being alive.

I remember once receiving a package with no other markings than my name on the front; inside was a bar of chocolate she sent me for no particular reason other than she knew I was having a rough time just then. That's just how she was, she loved to make others happy, and I think that's really all she lived for, to serve others.

A few words could never do such a wonderful person justice. The way she touched people's hearts, did the little jobs, even the unpleasant jobs, cheerfully and willingly, is unforgettable.
While she was not perfect, she struck me as a genuinely loving person, one whose heart was so overflowing with the Lord's love that she continually poured out to all around her. She had no hard and pretentious fronts, she was a "real" person, what you saw is what she was. She didn't hold back; she gave everything all the time and I believe her reward in Heaven is immense.

You couldn't have met Angela and walked away without a drop of sunshine in your heart. I count it a privilege to have known her, and I'm certain that she is even now bouncing off the walls of the Heavenly City, full of tireless energy, being a ray of sunshine in every saint's day that she encounters.

As a last thought, the story comes to mind, one which has through the years regularly brought tears to my eyes. It is the story of the little girl, upon whose tombstone the neighborhood children begged her parents to have inscribed these words: "She made it easy for us to be good." That's Angela, and that's the way I'll always remember her.

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