Memories of Angela Smith

A bright and beautiful ray of sunshine in my life


Angela was a bright and beautiful ray of sunshine in my life. She dedicated herself so totally to securing the joy and happiness of others that she often overlooked herself. Thoughtful and generous to a fault, there seemed to be no sacrifice of loving and caring and giving that was too great for her to undertake. Whenever she entered a room, it just lit up with the rush of her outgoing warm and positive enthusiasm. She never took the easy paths through life, so life was never that easy for her, yet she took the lemons of living as they came and turned them into the sweetest most refreshing lemonade one could imagine.

She was unique, distinct, different from the crowd, not created from any common mold. No one who came to know her can or will ever be the same again, she had such a way with human hearts. She was the embodiment of empathy, understanding, and sympathy. She was up close and personal with each life she touched. She saw everyone as the beginning of an eternal friendship and treated them with just that amount of love, concern, and respect. She was a fire of care and concern that consumed her life. She lived and died for others. It was her gift. It was her magic. It was her very being.

I shall miss her dearly, but I know that what I lose in having such a precious friend in life, the whole world gains by having her spirit helping, caring, loving them all so much more than she ever could on Earth. Thank you, dear Angela, for letting God fill your life so we all could get a glimpse of just what He is like.

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