Memories of Angela Smith

Weren’t we blessed?


Angela was one of the most caring and giving persons I came across. The only time that you had to wait to receive her help or she was slow to lend a hand was when she was already helping many others, and even then she always came to be the perfect help. Angela’s weaknesses are what most of us pray will become our strengths. Her love, her sacrificial spirit, her smile, her gift of compassion and her incredible spirit of joy were the things she was and will be famous for, at least in my heart.

To those who never knew or met her, my condolences. I know why you grieve; being touched by an angel is a rare opportunity. To those who were touched by her love, weren’t we blessed?

When I first heard the news I was deeply saddened, but then I heard the voices of those on the other side who were praying to have a saint added to strengthen their ranks and spur them on in their fight for us. I could not have filled that gap. Their needs and our needs are once again being satisfied and fulfilled by one who would have given anything to fill all our lives with good things.

The only sorrow I bear is for those who she didn’t get to save while on Earth, as her love for those not yet in the Lord’s Kingdom was paramount to anything else. May we rise on her wings of love and make their salvation a testimony to her life and love.

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