Memories of Angela Smith

I used to enjoy basking a little in the reflected joy she exuberated


Let me spend a few minutes to talk about my friend Angela. I had known her many years, but it was only in the last few that we had lived in the same house. Her bedroom was next to my wife's and mine. Sometimes I snore at night so I know that living next to my room was no picnic for her. Yet whenever I would apologize to her if I kept her awake she would say something like it was comforting to her to know that I was getting a sound sleep. I am sure she would have appreciated getting a sound sleep too but she never let on that it bothered her.

Angela was an incredible woman. She was funny and kind and she liked to go out of her way to try and do something nice for you. It was just her way to try and think up nice things to do for others. If I could have used it, I am sure she would have given me the shirt off her back. She was like a little girl, sweet and shy, but also incredibly bold when she needed to be.

People loved her. I used to go out shopping with her and she knew everybody and they all knew her. People smiled when she walked into a store. She knew something about everyone and she would ask them how their kids were doing, whether they passed the test that they had told her about the week before, how the doctor visit went, and on and on. I used to enjoy basking a little in the reflected joy she exuberated. People liked me because I was a friend of Angela's.

She was always full of energy, or so it seems, and this contributed to her never being content to just veg out. She was continually up and going. Even sitting down her legs were bouncing, her fingers tapping. I used to think it was nervousness but it was really just energy that had to be released.

I loved Angela very much as a friend and I was very sad to hear of her tragic death. If ever there was someone who didn't deserve to die this way, it was her. I am grieving for her inside. Death isn't something that I am used to, so to think that someone has gone forever out of my earthly life is still a wrench. However, to assuage the grief I have her memory. I have pictures in my mind of her with that smile that almost filled her face. It was one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. I will see her again one day. God bless you, Angela. Have fun up there.

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