Memories of Angela Smith

One of those people who is going to get the biggest crowns in Heaven

S. Michael Mullen

I have fond memories of Angela. We lived in the same Home for several years, and while we didn't do a whole lot of things together—not as much as I would have hoped now that she's gone—she was the kind of person who always had a smile on her face, and always acted like she was happy to see me. The fact is, she genuinely was, and that's what made her such a saint, because she was always giving love, always concerned about the needs of others, always thinking of little things that she could do to make them happy.

For example, I grew up in France and love French, and she would always try to write me mail notes in French since she knew I liked that, or she would get little things for me, just out of pure love and concern. That was Angela: no ulterior motives or wondering what she was going to get from me in return. She was a true sample of giving to others, and one of those people who is going to get the biggest crowns in Heaven because they gave the most to others on Earth.

I'm sad and angered by the way her life on Earth ended; but I'm even more angered by how some bitter people are demeaning her death by using it as a platform to foster their own bitterness and justify themselves about things that they obviously don't have the strength of character to get over. To drag Angela into that is beneath human dignity.

But I am happy with the thought that Angela is in Heaven, and I can see her happier than ever and really enjoying it. Angela knew how to have a good time and how to enjoy life, and if anyone is going to be enjoying Heaven to the full, it'll be her. And I'm sure lots of people in Heaven are going to be getting even better care than they have been so far (if that were possible) now that she's there! Angela, I love you!

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