Memories of Angela Smith

I'm happy when I think of her now safe in our loving Jesus' arms


Angela was a truly unique person, so caring, giving, thoughtful, funny, affectionate, animated, spunky—always so full of life and vitality. She was so selfless and sacrificial in so many ways—one of those rare individuals who always seemed to manage to put the needs and happiness of others before her own.

Angela was a very giving person—whether it be her personal things (I can remember receiving numerous notes from her, "I have this shirt that I think would look so nice on you—can't wait to give it to you." Or "I have this extra face cream I don't need, do you want it? I know how much you like creams."), or her time, her help, or affection; she was always eager to help, to give, and to go the extra mile.

Angela took the time to show her appreciation and to put the complimentary things she thought about people into words. I'll never forget getting a note from her one day completely out of the blue; she had written just to let me know that she had just transcribed a tape from a meeting that I was in and how fun it was for her to hear my voice; that it reminded her to pray for me. She mentioned that she really liked the way the Lord made me, and that she just wanted to let me know and send love.

I never deleted that note, not only because it was very sweet, but because it really convicted me. I thought of how many times throughout the day I probably had nice thoughts about others, but would I actually go out of my way to tell them, or what's more, to write them about it? Probably not. But Angela would, she did. That's the way she was. She would not only not pass up opportunities to show love, but she would create them.

I can't think of a better name for Angela than Angela, other than perhaps maybe Joy, as she was both a joy and such an angel in so many ways. I'm happy when I think of her now safe in our loving Jesus' arms, receiving the, no doubt, huge heavenly reward that she so richly deserves.

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